Activity instructions: Session 4 Constructive Conversations

What have you noticed since last time? (5 mins)

  • Have noticed yourself thinking about anything connected with the course?
  • Have you noticed anything different in the conversations around you?
  • Have you noticed if anything has been better in your conversations or meetings?

Constructive Interventions

1. I will talk through the seven approaches. Note down what you might appreciate about the person using each approach and the constructive invitation you might use. (5 mins)
2. Small groups to discuss and compare ideas (10 mins)
3. Revisit the seven as a whole group, sharing ideas from the groups and my suggestions for constructive interventions. (10 mins)
A constructive intervention

I appreciate that you…


Perhaps you might…


I find it helpful to…


I’ve noticed we are more productive when…

(Chair or participant? During or outside the meeting?)

The Seven Behaviours
  1. Competitive
  2. Investigative
  3. Persuasive
  4. Performance
  5. Learning
  6. Cheerleading
  7. Go-between

Solution Focussed Reflecting Team

1. Presenter shares the issue (2 mins)
2. Clarification questions from the group (4 mins)
3. Each person tells the presenter what they are most impressed by (then nominates the next person) (3 mins)
4. Presenter turns off video
5. Ideas or suggestions are shared by the group (5 mins)
6. Presenter responds briefly highlighting what wasuseful and what they might do (2 mins)

Micro Consulting

1.Break out rooms with three (or four) people
2.First client shares their challenge (1 min)
3.The “consultants” can ask clarifying questions (but not offer solutions) (2 min)
4.…Client turns back or turns off their camera…
5.Consultants confer and discuss the client’s issue for (4 mins)
6.Client turns, says thanks, and shares what was most valuable (1 min)
7.Please follow the timing prompts given through pop-up messages


Debrief Questions

What course content stood out for you?

What new insights or conclusions were generated as a result?

What might you do differently?