The Constructive Conversations course

Virtual four week course for non-executive members of public sector boards, committees and governing bodies

Peer to peer learning

Practical tips and techniques

New tools and frameworks to try

Want to make more of a difference for your council, health board, public body or school?

Whichever sector you work in, the principles of constructive challenge and support are the same. So are the skills you need to make a difference through your questions and suggestions. 

This four week virtual course is for anyone in a non-executive or independent role on a public body including:

  • School governors
  • Scrutiny councillors
  • Independent members of health boards
  • Non-executive members of housing association boards
  • Non executive members of public boards

This course is for you if you are:  

  • Worried that you are not challenging enough or challenging too much
  • New to your role and looking for useful tips and techniques 
  • Looking to make more impact in meetings but not sure how
  • Interested in refreshing your thinking and practice 
  • Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward

Discover new ways of working that are just right for you

This practical course will help you to make more confident and effective contributions in meetings.

Specifically the course will help you to:

  • Notice what’s working well so you can do more of it
  • Find new things to try that are just right for you
  • Try things out in a safe space
  • Share good practice with others in similar roles
  • Spark new ideas by working with people working in other sectors
  • Overcome personal challenges and obstacles
  • Work effectively in virtual meetings

How does it work?

The course includes four sessions on Zoom, two-hours each, across four weeks.

Each session is a mix of working in small groups and presentations. The interactive format allows you to work on issues relevant to you.

There are no more than 20 participants on each course. 

Four Themed Sessions

All on Tuesdays, 4.00 to 6.00

  1. 6th October: Knowing the difference between constructive, unconstructive and destructive meetings
  2. 13th October: How to make a constructive contribution
  3. 20th October: How to build a constructive conversation
  4. 3rd November: Round up and open session – working on issues chosen by the group and on individual challenges 

Drawing on the wisdom of conversation experts such as coaches, facilitators and mediators, the course will provide you with tools and frameworks that you can use and share with others on your board or committee.

  An optional task, set at the end of each session, will give you the chance to develop what you have learnt

  A LinkedIn Group, exclusively for the use of participants, will allow you to share any questions or suggestions with Dave and others on the course anytime over the four weeks

Included with the course

At the end of the course you will get:

  A handbook, unique to each course, capturing all of the taught materials along with the work that the group has done in each session

  An invitation to join the Constructive Conversations LinkedIn Group – available only to those who have completed the course

   A Constructive Conversations mug to show off at your next meeting 

Your course facilitator – Dr Dave Mckenna

Dr Dave Mckenna

Dave has delivered courses, workshops and webinars for a range of organisations including the Centre for Public Scrutiny, Tpas and Acedemi Wales. He is a self-confessed scrutiny and governance geek with extensive experience working with local government councillors and members of public bodies. Trained in solution focussed techniques, Dave combines enjoyable group work with insights from research and original tools and frameworks. Recently Dave has been co-facilitating Zoom meet-up for local government scrutiny officers.

You can find Dave on twitter or LinkedIn or check out his website for loads of helpful blog posts.

How much does it cost?

The standard price for this course is £200. However, as this is a pilot course I’m offering it at a one time only cost of £75 per participant including all four sessions if you book before 25th September (£85 after).

Bookings close on the Friday before the course starts at noon. Joining instructions will be sent to registered participants shortly after.

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Not sure if it’s right for you?

Want to know more?

Check out this video of me introducing the course. 

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