Instructions: Constructive contributions session 2

What have you noticed since last time? (5 mins) 

  • Have noticed yourself thinking about anything connected with the course?
  • Have you noticed anything different in the conversations around you?
  • Have you noticed if anything has been better in your conversations or meetings?



“Yes..and…’ activity (5 mins)

  • In groups of three (or four)
  • Imagine you all share a house
  • One persons starts by saying “I really think we should have furniture made of brick”
  • Take turns to explore and build positively on this suggestion 
  • The only rule is that each contribution must start with “Yes… and…”
  • In the last minute, notice how expected or unexpected the outcome was



Appreciative Triangles (20 minutes)

  • Groups of three (or four)
  • In the groups decide who will be a talker, a questioner and an observer / timekeeper
  • Three rounds of interviews, with the roles swapped round each time, as follows:
      • Questioner invites the talker to briefly describe something they enjoy doing and would be happy to talk about 
      • Questioner follows with questions that include a key word from the previous answer
      • (an) Observer stops the interview after 4 mins and feeds back appreciative comments about the talker’s strengths evidenced with examples from the interview. These are received without comment or response.
  • After 3 rounds use the remaining time to reflect on what you noticed



How, what and why (15 mins)

  • In groups of three (or four)
  • Take turns in three rounds of 3 mins to be the interviewer, interviewee and observer(s)/timekeeper(s)
  • In each round the interviewer asks the interviewee to describe a hobby or something they like doing in a couple of sentences 
  • Round 1 – every question must start with How
  • Round 2 – every question must start with What
  • Round 3 – every question must start with Why
  • Use the remaining time to share what you noticed



  • Parliament have hired you as consultants to help members make constructive and productive contributions
  • They have sent over a 10-minute video of contributions from three parliamentarians and they want your rapid feedback on what they are doing well and what could be done better 
  • Watch the video, carefully noticing what they say and how they say it. 
  • In small groups review your findings and provide your advice in the chat (10 mins)