Instructions: Constructive Conversations session 3

What have you noticed since last time? (5 mins)

Have noticed yourself thinking about anything connected with the course?

Have you noticed anything different in the conversations around you?

Have you noticed if anything has been better in your conversations or meetings?



Adding the ingredients (3 rounds in 30 mins)

Silent self reflection (2 mins)

Share ideas in groups of 3 (5 mins)

Add ideas to the chat (1 min)

Imagine that you add [ingredient] to your next conversation in a way that makes it more constructive.

If I was observing, what might I notice to tell me that this ingredient had been added to the conversation? Aim for 5 ideas. (2 mins) 



Role Play (30 mins)


A new non-executive chair has been appointed to the Board that oversees the work of Bighampton Broadcasting Corporation – a dedicated public television service for the town of Bighampton.

The chair is new to the organisation. 

The CX has agreed to meet the chair to informally discuss how the board meetings should work to ensure that independent members provide effective support and challenge to the CX.

Sequence of steps (30 minutes)

Role play

Informal conversation between a chair and CX (10-15 mins)

At the same time, observers (muted and video off) note down:

What they liked about the conversation 

How the conversation might be improved


In pairs, observers share their ideas and then add their favourites to the chat (5 mins)

Role players respond to the debrief and offer their own observations (5 mins)

Instructions for Role Players

Your default names are ‘chair’ and ‘chief exec’ feel free to choose new ones

You have a pause button

Suggest the chair starts with: “What are you hoping we can get out of these board meetings?”

Topics you might cover:

Planning the agendas

What might be helpful / unhelpful behaviours in meetings

Keeping in contact with each other outside of meetings

Work constructively using ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions if you can

If it feels right, use ‘yes..and…’ or ‘feed forward’