Scrutiny officers zoom meet-ups

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During the lockdown we have been running some zoom meet ups. These are a free, informal opportunity to network and share some ideas and good practice for scrutiny – aimed at scrutiny officers – councillors are also very welcome.

As well as sharing helpful practice, these meet ups are a chance to get more used to Zoom as a way of working together and supporting each other.  Here are some of the things that people like about the meet ups:

  • It was good to get an idea of where people are at, hearing different perspectives/experiences from colleagues about the challenges/solutions in their authorities, the fact that we were a mixed bunch was useful
  • Was well chaired and the technology worked well
  • Being able to share thoughts and challenges within the breakout rooms
  • Learning about liberating structures
  • Hearing what worked well/didn’t work well
  • Speaking to people who understand your role
  • Networking with other officers around the country without leaving home. We should have an online meet-up even when we return to the office
  • There was really good thinking on the topics and brainstorming of ideas that I found helpful and I am feeding this back in my Team
  • Involvement of a wide range of wonderful people willing to give good practical support and advice so that being a scrutiny officer is not such a lonely existence

We are using liberating structures to ensure maximum participation and inviting participants to work in pairs and small groups – if you are not familiar with Liberating Structures you can find out more here: http://www.liberatingstructure…

You can find details of the next meet-up and sign up here:

Join the mailing list to get updates about meetings.

We will also be posting updates on twitter and linkedin.

We will send out joining details shortly before each meet-up to everyone signed up. This will include the topics we will look at and the liberating structures we will use.

In the mean time, as we will be using Zoom, you might want to sign up / install the app if you can (if you haven’t already) although you can still access through a browser. Details about Zoom here:

You can also check out this brilliant list of Zoom tips from Coproduction Wales:…

Hope to see you there!

Dave Mckenna @DrDaveMckenna

Matt Clack @M_ttclack




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